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Xtreme Variants

At Redwood we know different characteristics are required for different medical environments but they all require no compromise on patient comfort and safety. So we have developed a range of products under the Xtreme brand to meet all those differing needs.


Our renowned fabric coating that provides Xtreme resistance to high concentrations of chlorine thus reducing ingress and prolonging the product life for pressure reducing devices.

Xtreme Glide

A low friction surface incorporating all the benefits of Xtreme whilst minimising the risk of shear thus making it ideal for products in environments where you need to be able to move patients easily such as trolleys and stretchers. Thus enabling the carer to operate with ease whilst providing maximum comfort for the patient.

Xtreme Conductive

All the benefits of Xtreme with built-in anti static technology. This is particularly useful in busy, high risk environments such as operating theatres and for use in specialist areas such as medical diagnostic equipment e.g. MRU scanners, CT scanners and X-Ray machines.

Xtreme Pique

A fuller feeling fabric to enhance patient comfort; Xtreme Pique has a “soft touch” feel that is ideal for skin contact applications, whilst still offering the benefits of infection control, high chemical resistance and pressure relieving characteristics.

Xtreme 7

For use in high risk environments where the highest level of fire retardancy is required such as Mental Health. This variant of Xtreme passes the most stringent requirements of the Crib 7 test. High resistant Xtreme can be used for fully welded products to remove the need for a zip where required.