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Performance Tests

Xtreme Fabric Coatings have been independently tested to evaluate the product's performance compared with standard fabric coatings.  Testing has consistently shown that Xtreme is far more resistant to deterioration when exposed to the cleaning solutions typically encountered in acute care environments, than the standard fabric coatings.

Xtreme coated fabric is performance tested using Hydrostatic Head Testing apparatus to monitor the material's waterproof properties. Materials are exposed to solutions of NADCC at 10,000ppm, then tested on the HHT machine each day for a period of ten days.Redwood-Xtreme-Test-Results.png


While materials with a standard fabric coating can be seen to deteriorate quickly after exposure to solutions of this concentration, Xtreme Coated Fabric consistently retains its waterproof properties, with no signs of deterioration after the full ten days of testing.