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About Us

Xtreme Fabric Coatings are part of Redwood TTM Ltd, a market leader in technical textiles, through continued organic growth and strategic acquisitions, who provide technical solutions for many of the world’s most demanding environments.

Over 20 Years Experience

With over two decade’s experience as a supplier of technical textiles, and with an in-depth understanding of flame retardant treatments and specialist coatings to fabrics, for a variety of applications, Redwood is a global brand you can trust.

Redwood has an extensive range of coated fabrics which have been specifically developed to meet and exceed the demands of the healthcare market. By combining our knowledge of fabrics with different coating techniques we have developed a comprehensive range of materials; all of which can be used to produce a wide range of healthcare products under the Xtreme brand name.

Over the last decade Redwood has also created a division of the business that manufactures both components and finished product. Through strategic acquisitions, Redwood has the sophisticated technology for the manufacture of specialist fabrics and products to meet a wide range of market applications.

This, combined with our fabric knowledge, ensures we can deliver the best finished product with the right combination of materials, welding and manufacture to ensure we meet all the requirements of the end user environment within the pressure area care, incontinence and patient handling & moving sectors.

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