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Specialists in transfer fabric coatings

As part of Redwood’s ongoing commitment to meet the changing needs of the acute medical environment; we have developed Xtreme® fabric coating that delivers the best product performance for PU coated fabrics, with improved patient comfort, high resistance to chlorine and improved durability. Warranties are offered on all Xtreme® fabrics giving the user total confidence.

Xtreme is a specially developed coating formulation providing improved performance against all the requirements of the challenging environment of acute care services. We are so confident in Xtreme’s performance, we offer guarantees on the fabric performance. Xtreme has been developed to:

  • Stand up to stringent anti-bacterial requirements
  • Improve patient comfort
  • Withstand aggressive cleaning regimes
  • Exhibit anti-decubitus properties
  • Give improved durability
  • Be REACH and RoHs compliant July 2014

Redwood is at the forefront of the development of breathable, multi-stretch, polyurethane-coated fabrics. We continue to engage with clinicians to get direct input from industry professionals as their contributions are invaluable in the on-going development of products that will meet the needs of acute care and community. 

Product Applications

Xtreme fabric coatings can be used in the creation of a multitude of products where the performance of the fabric is a significant factor in the overall performance of the product

Xtreme Features

Xtreme Fabric Coatings are designed to offer a range of properties to meet the challenges of the acute care market, without compromising on other functionality.

Why Xtreme?

Watch our video and discover why Xtreme is the perfect solution for your accute medical fabric needs.

Xtreme Evolution

Discover why Xtreme fabric coatings were developed and why they make a real difference in the healthcare and other industries